Happy Zed Day!

Today millions of people celebrate Easter. Let’s take some time to reflect back on what this day means, shall we. Today Christian’s celebrate the original zombie. I applaud you for recognizing that zombies deserve their own holiday. In fact, the Catholic church really was a trend setter. Instead of jumping on the current zombie bandwagon, they set the trend. So raise a glass to all zombies, and toast George Romero. Who knows what society would be like without this genius, the man who filmed that low budget, black and white film, so many years ago now.

So, Happy Easter! The day where a zombie bunny rabbit, bit a man named jesus, which raised him from the dead, turning him into a zombie as well. Oh, and just to be clear, Cadbury’s false and misleading adds, for over thirty years, have taught children deceiving information. Bunny rabbits and chickens do not sound the same. I repeat, even though it has been beaten into our heads, bunny rabbits do not sound like chickens. That is all. Breckenridge.

Happy Zed Day!

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