A Dull Grey Sky

Rain falls outside the window cascading down the smooth glass surface, forming rivulets of clear distortion. I love days such as this, and when they occur I revert back to my childhood, yearning for the days of blanket forts and Halloween themed cartoons, while munching on sugar cookies so brilliantly cut into witch, pumpkin, and scarecrow shapes. Brightly colored autumn leaves cling precariously to limbs outside, while the cold urges them to make their descent to the fetid earth lying at its feet. Large gusts of wind contort branches, twisting them in directions as if some giant pulls on them, attempting to yank their roots from the deep dark humus.

Alas days such as this must come to an end, and the earth covered in snow, but for today, autumn rages outside, and I will relish every moment of such a day.

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